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We have an efficient and experienced team to overcome all logistic challenges of transport segment .Our Company provides multiple types of road transport

  • For Over Dimension Consignment (ODC) we have trailers which are made for the purpose of transporting nacelle assembly, hub assembly, rotor blades, nose cones and tubular towers.
  • In-Gauge Cargo parts of the main Turbines are also transported by our company with the use of Standard Transport Vehicles.
  • Mechanical trailers are specially used to transport Lower Capacity Turbine Nacelles.
  • Heavy lift components are transported with the help of Hydraulic (eight-axel) trailers.
  • Telescopic trailers are used to transport rotor blades with specifically designed fixture.
  • Containerized trucks are used to transport sophisticated electrical and electronic component.
  • We also have double-axel and single-axel trailers which are used to transport tubular towers.
  • We also have tank lorries for the transportation of chemicals, furnace oils, acids, water,etc. We own tank capacity up to 20 KL.
  • Our Company is fully capable of transporting heavy an bulky goods from an particular designation to anywhere with a cost effective price along with a proper time management i.e. Full Truck Load Transportation is key factor our company.
  • Our company also takes projects and assignment of a particular company for its daily loading and unloading purposes. We provide separate vehicles for a particular project to fulfill the needs of our clients.
  • Special transport vehicles are used for transporting Breweries, glass & breakable products, etc. with proper care for achieving zero damage transportation challenges.
  • Pharmaceutical products are transported with complete care in accordance of climate for which fully equipped transport vehicles are used.
  • We have Refrigerated transport vehicles for the transporting air conditioning product to any designation.
  • Open Truck Transportation is also carried out by our company for the products which require open truck. We have open truck of 20ft to 40ft.
  • Bulky/Heavy containers are also transported by our company to any destination.
  • For overload transportation our company has Gondola Truck which is fully equipped with new technology so as to carry over load goods.
  • We provide almost all types of trailers i.e. flatbed, tilt, curtain-sider, road, train etc. to protect the goods of our clients from element and thefts.
  • We have vehicle tracking systems in all our transport vehicle, so as to know current location of our vehicle at anytime via our internet portal(24x7) in order to manage time, safety and cost efficiency.